5th Praakaaram- Manavala Mamunigal Mutt


Let’s continue our journey of Virtual tour to Srirangam.

We are heading towards the 5th Praakaara (Mela Uttira Veedhi) from 7th Praakaara (Amma Mandapam Road) which has the South RaajaGopuram (Therku RaajaGopuram),which looks like this.

7th Praakaaram :

This is the RaajaGopuram (Southern Side RaajaGopuram, 7th Praakaara).

Let’s first head towards to SRI MANAVALA MAMUNIGAL MUTT.

This the route that we are going to follow

1.Head straight from the AmmaMandapam Road, South Rajagopuram (Therku rajagopuram).

2. You will cross the 6th prakara gopuram after the Rajagopuram.

6th Praakaara Gopuram

3. Continue straight and you will see the 5th praakaara Gopuram.

4. Go straight, beyond the 5th Praakaara Gopuram, take the immediate right.

5. Continue straight.

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5th Praakaara Gopuram.

6. Continue further straight and on your right side, you will find Sri Manavala Mamunigal Mutt.

We can take an auto-rickshaw via Ola, Uber or from the stand.

I would suggest that walking would be better, but for the elderly, taking an auto would be more convenient. Walking is suggested for two reasons-

1. As an exercise

2. Only when walking we can admire the beauty of these Gopurams.

All those who are traveling by transport, there are chances that you have reached early so please wait for those who were coming by walk to reach.

For people coming along with me by walk… We are heading towards 6th Praakaaram.

Now, we are very close to the Chithirai Veedhi Gopuram, 6th Praakaaram.

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6th Praakaara, Chithirai Veedhi Gopuram

The other side of the Gopuram will be like this…

Backside of Chithirai Veedhi Gopuram

5th Praakaaram –

The next gopuram, that we will cross is the 5th Praakaara Gopuram.