6th Praakaaram

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Let us continue our journey to 6th Praakaaraa.

7th Praakaara, South RaajaGopuram

Wow…. How beautiful is this RaajaGopuram….

Let us take this Gopura darshan first now, next we shall proceed to the 6th Praakaara Gopuram.

Let me just take a count of how many are traveling by auto or by their vehicle.

How many are traveling by auto or by any other vehicle to the 6th Praakaara? (Please mention it in the below comment section)

Except for a few, others are coming with me by walk, right? (Please mention it in the below comment section)

Ok… fine.

Those coming along with me by walk, please wait for a couple of minutes, so that I can finish giving instructions to those who are traveling inside by auto or your vehicle.

Ya… For those who are traveling by auto or by their own vehicle… Directions are given below.

  1. Your current position or place is 7th Praakaaram, South RaajaGopuram (Therku RaajaGopuram), Amma Mandapam Road.

  2. You will have to go straight via the entrance given here …

  1. Can you see a Gopuram, right there ahead of you…? that’s going to be our destination.

  2. So, you will have to first cross that 4 pillared mandapam.

  3. Go straight and wait near that Gopuram. We will join you soon.

Those who are traveling by auto or any other vehicle will reach faster than us. So, kindly wait for us to reach the destination. I guess you can start your journey towards the 6th Praakaaraa Gopuram.

Those coming with me by walk. Shall we make a move?

Come let’s move forward.

We are currently walking under the RaajaGopuram. We shall walk for another few seconds under this Gopuram.

Just observe all the sanctums (sannidhi) on your left and right side. On your left, you can find sanctums like Aanjaneyar sannidhi,etc..

Yes, we are out of the RaajaGopuram, and on your left and right side, you can find a lot of shops… but, please don’t go out for buying stuff out there. We can do all of these when we are return.

Another 1 min walk and we will reach our destination. Keep walking along with me.

There we are.. Yay! we have reached our destination, 6th Praakaara.

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6th Praakaara Gopuram, Chithirai Veedhi

If you notice this gopuram, you can find, Dwaarabaalakaas standing on either side of the gopuram. Above the Dwaarabaakalaas, we can Lord Vishnu as Paramapadanaathan, and above ParaVaasudevan, we can find Lord Vishnu as in Thiruppaarkadal.

We can also find Serthi Sevai of Rengan and Ranga Naachiyaar, on the right side of the gopuram, and a scene where Lord Krishna is surrounded by several Gopikaas. There are other sculptures like Ulagalantha Perumaal, Nrsimha Avataaram, etc.., to mention a few.

6th Praakaara Gopuram, backside of the Gopuram

Wow. How awful is this Gopuram. Isn’t it?

This Praakaaram is known as Chithirai Veedhi or Kaliyuga Raaman Thiruveedhi.

This Praakaara has 4 Gopurams.

This Gopuram which is in the 6th Praakaaram is in South Chithirai Street and is known as Therku Chithirai Veedhi Gopuram or South Chithirai Street Gopuram.

We can find Lord Vishnu on the left side of the Gopuram and Garuda on the right side of the Gopuram. We can also find 12 Aaazhwaars on the right side of the Gopuram and other devotees on the left side of the Gopuram.

The eastern gopuram is known as Kaliyugaraman Gopuram, which is the tallest and most exquisite gopuram.

Kaliyugaraman was one of the titles given to Jatavarman Vira Pandyan King of the 13th century A.D.