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7th Praakaaram

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Journey to Srirangam Temple starts from here.

Srirangam South RaajaGopuram, Side View

Srirangam South RaajaGopuram, Bottom View.

Srirangam is one of the eight self-manifested kshetraas, has 7 praakaaras and 21 Gopurams. The temple complex is spread over 156 acres.

The RajaGopuram is nearly 236 feet tall with 13 tiers and is the highest temple tower in the world. It is located in the 7th Praakaaraa. The Sapta Praakaaraa (7 Praakaara) system also denotes the 7 lokas. So, according to this, the 7th Praakaaraa is the Bhoolokam (Planet Earth).

There is a small mandapam here, which has a small sanctum in the basement dedicated to lord Paadhaala Kannan.

Raajagopuram – A dream come true

This tower was at once the dream of the realization of the 44th pontiff of Sri Ahobila Mutt Srimad Azhagiya Singar Jeeyar Swaami who undertook a superlative endeavor racing against time and course reverence it to the awe of all. The RaajaGopuram was known as Mottai Gopuram (Unfinished Gopuram), until 20th May,1979.

The construction of the RaajaGopuram was started on 20th May,1979. The marvelous RaajaGopuram was blessed on March 21, 1987, in the presence of various spiritual and political luminaries and amid a sea of humanities thronging the island town to be a part of the historic occasion. The samprokshanam for this RaajaGopuram was done on 25th March,1987.

This South RaajaGopuram is located at Amma Mandapam Road. The Gopuram’s base measures 166 feet by 97 feet, while the crown measures 98 feet by 32 feet making it a modern construction marvel and embellishing something more than just cement and mortar to that devout and technocrats alike.

The stunning feature of RajaGopuram is the participative effort exhibited in the construction of the structure, with contributions pouring from various quarters like Sri Ahobila Mutt, Srimad Srirangam Andavan Ashramam, Kanchi mutt, governments of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the State of Hindu Religious and Charitable Departments, donations from personalities like music composer Ilayaraja and several other individuals.

Thirukkuralappan Sanctum (Sannidhi)

There are several small sanctums present there around the prakaram and a few in the Adaivalanjan street. One among those placed in this praakaaram is Thirukkuralappan sanctum.

Thirukkuralappan Sannidhi was started by a private trust and was later handed over to the 44th pontiff of Srimad Ahobila Mutt, Srimad Azhagiya Singar Jeeyar on the day of his Thirunakshathram, and Swaami did mangalaasaasanam to the lord during the procession (purappadu).

Veli Andal Sanctum

Veli Andal Sannidhi is also located in this Praakaara. It is located in West Adaiyavalanjan Street.

Finally, we are done for the day.

We shall meet again tomorrow, at the same place, South RaajaGopuram.

Hope everybody had a wonderful experience. Don’t forget to mention your experience in the comment section below.

Stay safe everyone and let me know once, you have reached home.

Have a nice day.

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