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About Bhooloka Vaikuntam

This is a small effort from our side to help readers better understand and appreciate the ancient Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, at Srirangam. We have made all possible efforts to make the content serve as a guide to the devotees who wish to know more about the temple and visit it.



  •  It is the only temple to be built on Saptha – Praakaaraa system, consisting of 7 praakaaraas, 21 gopurams (towers), out of which, only three gopurams (North Gopuram, Vellai Gopuram, Sri Ranga Ranga Ranga Gopuram) form the main entrances for the temple.

  • This temple has Kalaapa Samrakshini Thaayaar (Goddess who protects the world from danger). She can be seen on the way to Sri Ranga Naachiyaar Sanctum.

  • It is the only temple with the name Bhooloka Vaikuntam and is also the replica of Sri Vaikuntam (Lord Vishnu’s highest abode).

  • It is the largest ‘FUNCTIONING TEMPLE’ as it covers 156 acres of land and is built in DRAVIDIAN STYLE(during Sanga Kaalam).

  • SRI RANGANATHASWAMY TEMPLE has won the UNESCO ASIA PACIFIC AWARD of 2017 for its cultural heritage conservation.

  • This temple has 60 shrines in total out of which 4 are main sanctums and the other 56 are sub-shrines for the temple.

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