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Day 24, Sanctum 22 - Radha Rukmini Sameta Krishnar Sanctum

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Once, we come out of Swami desikar main sanctum, we need to take the left to proceed a few steps, again take left and proceed straight and on the left side, you can find Radha Rukmini sameta krishnar sanctum.

Radha Rukmini Sameta Krishnar Sanctum... Only in this sanctum, one can find Radha and Rukmini together along with Krishna... Lord Krishna is also known as prem avatar (God of love).

Lord Krishna and Radha together show us the eternal bond that they share. Radha and Krishna were actually one soul in two different bodies. Radha and Krishna were one and the put it into a nutshell, Radha was Lord Krishna's expansion, whereas, Rukmini was Goddess Lakshmi herself...

Lord Krishna married Rukmini (Goddess Mahalakshmi's Incarnation), along with other 16,108 girls who were caged by Narakasur (Son of Satyabhama who was Goddess Earth's incarnation (Bhumi Devi)), who was also known as Bhoumaasur...

Radha and Rukmini together with Lord Krishna is a rare darshan to get...

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