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Day 28 - Sanctum 26 Kodhanda Ramar Sanctum

From Vasudevar Sanctum, come straight and take left. You can find Danvantri Sanctum on your right and Paramapada Vaasal opposite to you. There is Chandra Pushkarini onto your left. Take left along the Chandra Pushkarini and proceed straight into the Mandapam. On your left side, you can find Kodhanda Ramar Sanctum. Kondhanda Ramar here gives darshan as Pattabhisheka Ramar, along with his consort Sita Devi, brother Lakshmana and his dear devotee Lord Anjaneya.

On your left side, you can find a small sanctum containing the idols of Varadaraja Perumal and Kulasekara Alwar.

The next sanctum that we will be worshipping is Sanctum 27 - Paramapada Naathan Sanctum.

From the entrance of Kondhanda Ramar Sanctum, travel straight and take left. On your left side you can find Paramapada Naathan Sanctum.

In this sanctum, idols of Lord Paramapada Naathan with his consorts Sridevi, Bhidevi and Neeladevi are found, along with the idols of 12 Alwars (Poigai Alwar, Bhoothathalwar, Pei Alwar, Thirumazhisai alwar, Swami Nammalwar, Madhurakavi Alwar, Kulasekara Alwar, Periyalwar, Andal, Thondaradipodi Alwar, Thiruppaan Alwar, and Thirumangai Alwar.)

On your left, you can find Andal in Kannadi Arai, along with small idol of lord krishna and a baby krishna (santhana gopala krishna) lying in a craddle, which has bells attached unto the upper rod of the craddle.

The next sanctum that we will be worshipping is Sanctum 28 - Keezha Pattabhiramar Sanctum

In this sanctum, Lord rama is giving darshan in Kalyana Thirukolam along with his consort Sita Devi, Lakshmana (younger brother) and Lord Hanuman.

Unlike, Lord Hanuman in other sanctums, here, Lord Hanuman here is having bells tied to his head. Worshipping Lord Hanuman in this form cures all mental and physical health problems, etc.

Worshipping Lord Rama in this form blesses unmarried girls or boys with marriage boon, ununited couples with unity.

There is an idol of Santana Gopal Krishnan in this sanctum. Worshipping this idol blesses couples with issues and satputra praapthi (Devoted child).

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