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Introduction to the Celestial Abode of Lord Mahaa Vishnu.

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

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Srirangam, Pranavaakaara Vimaanam

Sri Paravaasudevan, in Ranga Vimaanam.

कावेरी विरजा सेयं वैकुण्ठं रङ्गमन्दिरं

स वासुदेवो रङ्गेष: प्रत्यक्षं परमंपदं।

विमानं प्रणवाकारं वेदशृङ्गम् महद्भूतं

श्रीरङ्गशायी भगवान् प्रणवर्तप्रकाशक : ।।

Kaaveri Virajaa Seyam Vaikuntam Ranga Mandiram

Sa Vaasudevo Rangeshaha Pratyaksham ParamamPadam|

Vimaanam Pranavaakaaram Vedashrungam Mahadbhutam

SriRanga shaayi Bhagavaan Pranavarta Prakaashakaha||

காவேரி விரஜா சேயம் வைகுண்டம் ரங்க மந்திரம்

ஸ வாசுதேவோ ரங்கேஷஹ ப்ரத்யக்ஷம் பரமம் பதம் |

விமானம் ப்ரணவாகாரம் வேத ஷ்ருங்கம் மஹத்பூதம்

ஸ்ரீரங்கஷாயீ பகவான் ப்ரணவர்த ப்ரகாஷகஹ ||

Meaning– The river Kaaveri is the same as river Virajaa, flowing in SriVaikuntam (the celestial abode of lord Mahaa Vishnu). Lord Ranganaatha is the same as Lord ParaVaasudeva in SriVaikuntam. The Golden Vimaana at Srirangam temple represents Pranavam, the life-sustaining mantra. The 4 Kalasaas on this Vimaanam represents the 4 Vedas (Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Saama Veda, Atharvana Veda). Sri Ranganaathaswamy temple, is SriVaikuntam itself.

The above verse is a dialogue given by two parrots when the entire temple had submerged under-waters.

Later, it was King Dharma Varma Chola who had brought the entire temple out of crisis and rebuilt many of its features.

The main deities of the temple are Sri Ranganaathan and Sri Ranga Naachiyaar.

Other names of Sri Ranganaathan are:

Sri Aranganaathan, Periya Perumaal, Thiruvarangan, Sri Namperumaal, Azhagiya Manavaalan, and Kaaveri Rangan.

Other names of Sri Ranga Naachiyaar – Sri Aranganaayaki, Sri Ranga Naachiyaar, Periya Piraatti. There are nearly 60 sanctums (Sannidhi) in this temple.

Other names of the temple are :

Bhooloka Vaikuntam, Bhoga Mandapam, Koil, and Padhinbar Paadiya Koil (11 Aazhwaars have sung hymns on this temple).

A place to relax, admire, feel positive vibration to a greater extent, and lot more. It’s a temple that gives the feel of your own home. It’s a tourist spot too. The temple has received an award from UNESCO in the year 2017 for its cultural heritage preservation.

Divya Desam

Divya Desams refers to Divine Abodes of Lord Sriman Narayana. The name Sriman Narayana indicates that Lord is inseparable from his consort Sri (Sri- Mahalakshmi & Narayana- Vishnu).

There are 108 Divya desams in total. Only, 106 Divya Desams are found on this planet Earth. The other two Divya desams are the celestial abodes of Lord Mahaa Vishnu, namely, Thirupaarkkadal & Srivaikuntam.

Srirangam is my favorite destination to visit. My usual visit to this temple is twice or thrice every year. The only place where I gain all the positive energy required is Srirangam Temple.

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