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Sanctum 1- Koorathaazhwaan Sannidhi, Day 3


Today, we shall see about Nanjeeyar, who is present along with Sri Koorathaazhwaan and Paraasarar Bhattar, at the 4th Praakaaraa, Aalinaadaan Thiruchuttru.

Nanjeeyar with Anjali Mudra, at the lotus feet of Sri Paraasarar Bhattar

In the above photo, at Paraasara Bhattar’s lotus feet, we can see a small idol with Anjali Mudra (folded hands). Swaami is none other than the great scholar & Aachaaryaa (spiritual master), Nanjeeyar, who is an adherent devotee and direct disciple of Sri Paraasara Bhattar.

And, it was to him that Paraasara Bhattar had handed over the Sampradaaya (tradition) before he attained the lotus feet of LORD SHRIMAAN NAARAAYANA.

Birth of Swaami Nanjeeyar

Nanjeeyar was born in the year 1113 C.E, Utthiram Star, at ThirunaaraayanaPuram, Melkote. His parents named him as Maadhavaachaaryaa.

He grew up in Kankorai, a town located within Thirunaaraayanapuram. Maadhavaachaaryar, who had outstanding knowledge in Vedaanta, came to known as Vedaanti.

He is a renowned scholar in Advaita Philosophy

Swaami Raamaanujar before attaining Paramapadham (Sri Vaikuntam) had told Paraasara Bhattar about Vedaanti and asked him to correct him and bring him into our Tradition.

Being a Vedaanti, Maadhavaachaaryar had lived with great fame at Thirunaaraayanapuram, Melkote. Once, a brahmin from SRIRANGAM met Vedaanti (Nanjeeyar) and told about Bhattar’s greatness. Vedaanti on hearing about the greatness of Paraasara Bhattar desired to meet him. The Brahmin on returning to Srirangam met Bhattar and narrated the incident.

Paraasarar Bhattar and Vedaanti

Brahmin replied that he had told Vedaanti that Bhattar knew all shaastraas. Bhattar said that it would have been better if he told Vedaanti that Bhattar knew Thirunendunthaandagam also. The brahmin told this, the next time he met Vedaanti. Vedaanti was wondering about the works of Sri Paraasara Bhattar that he had not come across earlier. Paraasara Bhattar had traveled to ThirunaaraayanaPuram, Melkote, to meet and challenge Vedaanti. Bhattar had traveled in a palanquin, surrounded by his disciples in procession.

The people around them told Bhattar, that if he goes like this, he wouldn’t be able to meet Nanjeeyar (Vedaanti). They said that Madhavachaarya (Vedaanti) had the habit of feeding the Brahmins every day and that if Bhattar goes as one of the Brahmins, then it would be easier to meet Nanjeeyar.

Bhattar immediately got down from the palanquin, dressed up like a brahmin who would ask for alms and went up to meet Vedaanti.

Vedaanti on seeing Bhattar asked him what he wanted. Bhattar replied saying that he wanted alms from Vedaanti. Vedaanti asked him why he didn’t come along with the other brahmins. Bhattar replied that he wanted the alms of philosophical debate and that he did not come here for the food. Vedaanti understood that it was Bhattar who had come in this attire and challenged him.

Catas ( philosophical debate) between Paraasarar Bhattar and Nanjeeyar

Immediately, Vedaanti had arranged for a Catas (debate) between him and Paraasarar Bhattar.

It happened for 10 days.

In the first nine days, Vedaanti had won the debate.

On the tenth day, Vedaanti accepted his defeat by falling at the lotus feet of Sri Paraasarar Bhattar, also told that Sri Vishishtaadvaithaa is the true philosophy.

After this, Bhattar performed Pancha Samskaaram for Vedaanti, renamed him as Nanjeeyar, and had returned to Srirangam along with Nanjeeyar. One of the greatest contributions of Nanjeeyar to the Tradition was making Nampillai as the next head for the Sampradaaya.

Thaniyan (Prayer) for Swaami Nanjeeyar :-


Meaning- I bow down to Vedaanti (Nanjeeyar), whose nectar-like words have filled the 3 worlds and one who brings auspiciousness to all the 3 worlds.

Hope everyone got to know at least a little about nanjeeyar.

Tomorrow, we shall visit Thondaradipodi Aazhwaar Sannidhi.

We shall meet up, tomorrow at Ranga Ranga Gopuram.

Inform once you reach home.

Jai Sri Ranga!

Srimate Raamaanujaaya Namaha.

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