Sanctum 13 - Nammaazhwaar Sanctum

After visiting, Sri Kodanda Ramar Sanctum, turn left from the entrance of the sanctum and travel straight, you can Sri Pillailokacharyar Sanctum on your left.

You will have to cross this 4 pillar mandapam, which is opposite to Sri Pillailokacharyar Sanctum.

Proceed straight and take right near Sri Ramanujar Sanctum. Proceed straight.

One can find Administration office on his/her left.

Travel further straight and on your right, you will find Karthigai Gopuram and Anjaneyar Sanctum on your left.

If you want to revisit Anjaneyar Sanctum, visit :

Kathigai Gopuram, view 1

Karthigai Gopuram, view 2

Green Guide board - 1

Green Guide Board-2

One can find these above shown green guide board on both sides of Karthigai Gopuram.

Enter the Karthigai Gopuram. Travel straight and take left. On your left, you can find Sri Venugopalan idol in glass shelf on the wall. Proceed straight and you can find Sri Nammaazhwaar Sanctum.

There are few steps to climb in order to enter the main entrance of the Sanctum.

Once you enter the Main Sanctum, you can find two things :

  1. Ahead of you, you can see Sri Polindu Nindra Aadinaatha Perumal Sanctum.

  2. On your left, you can see Sri Nammaazhwaar Sanctum.

First, we shall get the darshan of Sri Nammaazhwaar and Madhurakavi Aazhwaar.

So, take left and enter Sri Nammaazhwaar Sanctum Sanctorum.

Here, Sri Nammaazhwaar is seen in both Moolavar and Utsavar form. Along with Swami Nammaazhwaar, one can get the darshan of Sri Madhurakavi Aazhwaar.

Here, the Shatari that we get in Sri Nammaazhwaar Sanctum, is called as Sri Ramanujar.

Swami Nammaazhwaar's thiruvadi and Sri Ramanujar's Thirumudi are linked with each other.

Swami Nammaazhwar's thiruvadi is Sri Ramanujar's Thirumudi. While explaining Swami Ramanujar's Avayava Prabhaavam- mastaka: shrIshaThArAti: is being told, i.e.,

Swami Nammaazhwaar resides as Swami Ramanujar's thirumudi (head) .