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Day 20 ,Sanctum 18 - Dhanvantri Sanctum

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

After exiting from Theertha Karai Vasudevar Sanctum, get down from the Main Mandapam.

Proceed Straight and on your left side, one can find Dhanvantri Sanctum. Proceed further straight and on your left side, one can find the main entrance to the Sanctum. Opposite to this entrance, one can find Chandra-Pushkarini entrance gate. Mostly remains closed.

Lord Dhanvantari is an outstanding personality in the history of Ayurveda. He was the physician of the Gods (in both the Vedas and Puranas) and an excellent surgeon. Worshipers pray to Dhanvantari seeking his blessings for sound healing.

In his incarnation as king of Kashi, Divodasa, he was approached by a group of sages (including Susruta, the great Indian surgeon) with the request to teach them the science of Ayurveda. So Dhanvantari complied with the sages’ request, recast Brahma’s Ayurveda into 8 divisions (shalya, shalakya, kayachikitsa, bhutavidya, kaumarabhrtya, agadatantra, rasayanatantra, vajikaranatantra) and began teaching within the framework of pratyaksa (perception), agama (authoritative scripture), anumana (inference) and upamana (analogy).

Sloka for Lord Dhanvantri :

Dhanvantraye Amrutha Kalasa Hasthaaya


Trilokyanaathya Sri Mahavishnave Namaha ||

One of the most famous incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Lord Dhanvantari is said to have emerged out of the milky ocean at the time when the demons and gods churned it to get the immortal nectar. Worshiped in the form of the god of medicine, Dhanvantari is given the supreme place in the Ayurvedic system of traditional Indian medicine. He is said to be the physician of the Gods and the one who saves the world from all diseases. Being a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, Dhanvantari is represented in dark complexion carrying a jug filled with the immortal nectar. He is depicted wearing yellow clothes and adorned with flower garlands and ornaments. He has four hands.

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