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Day 9 -Sanctum 7 - Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar Sanctum

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar Sanctum

After coming out of Amruta Kalasa Garudar Sanctum via the second entrance of the sanctum, take left and proceed straight, you will find Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar Sanctum.

For reference of the second entrance of the sanctum, kindly refer the link below :

Before entering the main entrance of Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar Sanctum, you will find a big mandapam in front of you, where you can find a small sculpture of Lord Anjaneyar on your left side on one of the pillars of the mandapam. Many devotees worship and circumambulate this Anjaneyar on the pillar.

Proceed straight and you will find the main entrance of the Sanctum. Enter this main sanctum, and in front of you, you can find Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar Sanctum Sanctorum.

Now, you can also find the queue line via which we can reach the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar has different names like Sri Sudarshana, Thiruvaazhi Azhwaan,etc.

On the left side of the queue line, you have the place to circumambulate Sri Chakkarathaazhwar. While circumambulating Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar, you can have darshan of Thiruvarangatthu Amudhanaar in his sanctum, Sri Thiruvarangatthu Amudhanaar Sanctum, on your left side. Thiruvarangatthu Amudhanaar has written 108 tamil verses (pasurams) on Swami Ramanujar known as Ramanujar Nootrandhaadhi.

We will look at Thiruvarangantthu Amudhanaar in brief when we discuss about Ramanujar Nootrandhaadhi.

While circumambulating Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar, you can also have the darshan of Lord Nrsimhar, as Lord Nrusimha is always present with Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar. Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar and Lord Nrsimha are inseperable. It was during Lord Vishnu's incarnation as lord Nrsimha, that Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar had incarnated as Lord Nrsimha's nails which were used to tear Hiranyakshipu apart.

Sri Sudarshana Azhwaar took the form of darbha or the holy grass in order to poke the eyes of Sage Sukraachaaryar who had taken the form of beetle and blocked the nozzle of Kamandalam or Kamandalu (an oblang water pot), which was supposed to validate the grant of three paces by King Mahabali (grandson of Prahlada) to Lord Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Long Ago, a flood took away the coracle and the deity Lord Namperumal during the Theppotsavam at Srirangam and Sri Koora Narayana Jeeyar Swami had prayed to Sri Sudarshana Azhwaar by singing Sri Sudarshana Shatakam. The coracle and Lord Namperumal were brought back safely by Sri Sudarshana Azhwaar. Thirumazhisai Azhwaar who is one among the 12 Azhwars is the incarnation of Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar.

Swami Desikan quotes about Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar in Sri Sudarshana Ashtakam, which is dedicated to Sri Chakkarathaazhwaar and in Shodashaayuda Stotram. A couple of verses from the above mentioned stotras, are quoted below :

Sri Sudarshana Ashtakam ;

Verse 1-

Pratibhatasreni Bhishana,Varagunasthoma Bhushana Janibhyasthana Taarana,Jagadavasthaana Karana, Nikhiladushkarma Karsaana, Nigamasaddharma Darsana Jaya Jaya Sri sudarsana,Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana.

Who is fearsome to hoards of enemies of devotees

Who is ornament for all blessed actions,

Who helps one to cross sea of samsara,

Who stabilizes the entire universe,

Who cuts off accumulated sins of bad actions,

And who teaches righteous conduct. Victory and Victory to you, oh, Sudarshana,

Victory and Victory to you, oh, Sudarshana.

Verse 7-

Mahita Sampath Sadhakshara,Vihitasampath Shatakshara Shatarachakra Pratisishtita,Sakala Tattva Prathishtita, Vividha Sankalpaka Kalpaka,Vibhudhasankalpa Kalpaka Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana, Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana.

Who gives wealth of salvation to those who,

Chant your six lettered mantra,

Who gives incomparable wealth to those who,

Chant your six lettered mantra,

Who is available in yantra of six corners,

Who is a form in which all knowledge exists,

Who is able to complete all deeds that you take up,

And who is the kalpaka tree fulfilling all wishes.

Shodashaayudha Stotram

Verse 2 -

yadaayattam jagacchakram kaala chakram cha shaasvatam |

paatu vastatparam chakram chakra roopasya chakriNa: ||

May the Chakraayudham (one of the sixteen divine weapons) adorning the hands of Chaakratthaazhwaan protect you all! The Universe is rotating eternally driven by the tattvam of Kaalam (second-minute-hour-day- month-year). This Kaala tattvam is under the control of the Chakraayudham, which is the chief among the weapons of the Lord. He

(The Lord) Himself takes on the form of this Chakram (Sudarsana Roopam).

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarshana!

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarshana!

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