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Day 14, Santum 12 - Sri Kodanda Ramar Sanctum

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

After visiting Sri Pillai Lokacharyar Sanctum, from the entrance of the Sanctum, take right and travel straight.

On your right side you will find Sri Kodanda Ramar Sanctum, as seen in the above picture.

The Mandapam adjacent to this Sanctum, is Sesharayar Mandapam. One can also see the Vellaiammal Gopuram also known as Vellai Gopuram, from this point.

There are totally 3 Kodanda Ramar Sanctums in the temple :

  1. Next to Ull Andal Sanctum

  2. Next to Sesharayar Sanctum

  3. Next to Varaha Perumal Sanctum, near Chandra Pushkarini

This Kodanda Ramar Sanctum is present in such a way that Lord Periya Perumal's Thiruvadi (lotus feet) is facing this Kodanda Ramar's Thirumudi (head).

Here, Kodanda Ramar is standing in the middle, Sita Piratti on his right and Ilaya Aazhwaan (Lakshmana) to his left. Lord hanuman is present, next to Ilaya Aazhwaan.

All of them are seen smiling, this is because of the happiness that they get while Lord Periya Perumal grants moksham to the devotees who come to Srirangam.

As per Sriranga Mahatmyam, in Brahmanda Puranam, one gets moksha or salvation just by either -

  1. just visiting this Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam, atleast once in his / her lifetime,

  2. or by just staying in this place for a night in this place,

  3. for people living beyond or 1000 yojanas (1 yojana = 8 miles or 12 km) away from the temple, if they just think or say the word 'Rangam' , they get the highest abode of Lord Ranganatha, Sri Vaikuntam,

  4. for people living foreign countries or in different peninsula, if they just worship this temple from the place they are, by just prostrating in the direction, the temple is located, lives happily in this planet.

I've just quoted a few statements from the Purana. These statements were given by Lord Siva to Sage Narada.

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