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Day 7, Sanctum 5 - Sri Venugopalan Sanctum

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

This is the side view of Sri Venugopalan Sanctum and can be seen while returning from Sri Ull Andal and Sri Kothanda Ramar Sanctum.

In this above pic, we can find lots of sculptures pertaining to Hoysalas rule, Pandian rule and Chozha rule, etc.

When we continue straight from Ull Andal sanctum, you can find these sculptures on your left side. We can also find the backside of Sri Amruta Kalasa Garudar Sanctum, on the same left side. We will see about this sanctum next.

Now, when you come out of Sri Ull Andal Sanctum and Sri Kothanda Ramar Sanctum, proceed straight and you will finally reach the same renga Vilas mandapam, through which you visited Sri Ull Andal Sanctum and Sri Kothanda Ramar Sanctum.

Now, take left and you will find Sri Venugopalan Sanctum.

You can find a staircase on both sides of the sanctum. Use the staircase and enter the sanctum. You can have darshan of Sri Rukmini Satyabhama sameta Sri Venugopalan.

Lord Venugopalan here stands with a posture of playing his flute by keeping one leg behind the other.

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