Day 5,Sanctum 3 - Sriman Naathamunigal Sanctum

Updated: Nov 21

Sriman Naathamunigal - Kaatumannaar Koil

Birth Place :- Viranaaraayanapuram; Kaatu Mannaar Koil

Birth Star :- Anusham

Month :- Aani

Works :- Nyaaya Thatvam; Yoga Rahasyam; Purusha Nirnayam

Aachaaryan {Spiritual Master} :- Nammaazhwaar

Other names :- Ranganaathamuni, Naatha Brahmar

Sriman Naathamunigal was born in VeeraNaaraayanapuram to Eeshwaramuni. Sriman Naathamunigal was the first Aachaaryan of the modern time. Swaami revived Sri Vaishnavam by bringing out the 4000 Divya Prabandham of Aazhwaars into wide spread practice. Sriman Naathamunigal was also a great Bhakti Yogi, and the author of lost treatise 'Yoga Rahasya' and an expertise of divine music (Isaipaa). Swaami initiated his nephews Keezhaiahathaazhwaan and Melaiahathaazhwaan to take ahead the musical lineage of 4000 Divya Prabandham literature and also was the first to initiate Arayar Sevai first in Srirangam, Sri Ranganaathaswaamy Temple. Sriman Naathamunigal was the grandfather of Sri Aalavandhaar, also known as Yaamunaachaaryaar.

Sriman Nathamunigal Thaniyan:

nama: achinthya adhbutha aklishta jnAna vairAgya rAsayE nAthAya munayE agAdha bhagavadh bhakthi sindhavE

நம: அசிந்த்ய அத்புத அக்லிஷ்ட ஜ்ஞான வைராக்ய ராசயே நாதாய முநயே அகாத பகவத் பக்தி ஸிந்தவே

I offer my obeisances to Sriman NaathamunigaL who is filled with knowledge about Sriman Narayana and detachment from wordly matters that cannot be quantified and are extraordinary, who is constantly meditating on Sriman Narayana and is an ocean of deep devotion towards Lord Sriman Narayana.

Sri Aalavandar is also found in this sanctum along with Sriman Naathamunigal.

Swami Aalavandar Thaniyan (rendered by Swami Ramanuja):

yathpaadhaamboruha Dhyaana vidhvasthaasheShkalmaShah |

vasthuthaamupayaatho aham yaamuneeyam namaami tham ||

யத் பதாம்போருஹத்யாந வித்வஸ்தாசேஷ கல்மஷ:

வஸ்துதாமுபயா தோஹம் யாமுநேயம் நமாமிதம்

I prosrate before yAmunAchAryar by whose mercy my defects have been removed and I have become an identifiable object, i.e., previously I was like asath (matter) and now I have realized that I am sath (soul) after meditating on the lotus feet of yAmunAcharya.

Year: 916 AD to 1042 AD

Birth Place: Kaattumannargudi

Other Names: Yamunacharyar, Yamunamuni

Month: Aadi

Thiru Natchathiram: Utthiradam

Yamunacharya, also known as Aalavandar, was the son of Ishwara Muni and grandson of the great acharya Naathamunigal. He was born in 916 A.D at VeeraNaarayanapuram (present day Kattu Mannargudi) in Tamil Nadu. Yamunacharya was a genius – a child prodigy. He was instructed in all Sastras. He had the gift of eka-santha – graha (remembering forever by learning only once).

Aalavandar pronounced Swami Ramanuja as his successor. He ordered that all his disciples should give due respect to him and the act of surrendering to him was the only way for salvation.

Na Dharma nishtOsmi na chaatma vEdi

Na bhaktimaan tvaccharaNAravindE

AkinchanOananyagatih saraNya!

Tvat paadamoolam saranam prapadye. (Sthothra Rathnam- 22nd sloka)

Oh, you worthy of being sought as refuge! I am not one established in Dharma, nor am I a knower of the self. I have no fervent devotion to your lotus-feet. Utterly destitute as I am and having none else for resort, I take refuge under your feet. (Translation by Swamy Adi Devananda)

During that time, Aakkiaazhwaan, the Raja purohitar sends his representatives to all pandits and asks them to pay tax to him (since he is the chief pandit). mahaabhaashya Bhattar becomes worried and seeing that, yamunaithuraivar says that he will handle the issue. He sends a slokam which says “he will destroy the poets who look for cheap publicity”. Seeing this Aakkiaazhwaan gets angry and sends his soldiers to bring yamunaithuraivar to the king’s court. Yamunaithuraivar tells them that he will come only if he was offered proper respects. So, king sends him a palanquin and yamunaithuraivar visits the court.

Yamuna asked (or stated) three statements. He asked Aakkiaazhwaan to counter.

1) Aakkiaazhwaan mother is childless.

2) The King was just a ruler.

3) The Queen was chaste.

The scholar had to deny all the above three statements. They were all very tricky.

How can one say that his mother is barren, when he is her child!

How can anyone say in front of the King that he was unjust!