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The Samskaara

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

So, we saw what is Intelligence and intellect in our previous post. Let’s do a quick recap of what is intelligence and intellect before proceeding with Samskaara.

Intelligence basically mends past and future of a person by memorising the past and imagining a future. Intellect is the reason for an individual to build new relationships or avoid few characters in his/her life, while in the process of making the existing relationship strong and perfect. To know more about intelligence and intellect, kindly visit the following link:

Let’s see about Samskaara. What do you think is a samskaara?

This allows an individual to follow a routine pattern in their life. For example: early rising, followed by exercise and rituals is a pattern of life. Some individuals follow this pattern, while the others follow a pattern of waking up late, followed by doing their professional work, etc.. Though the day’s routine pattern varies with every individual, its significant that every individual works in routine, whether they are aware or not. Isn’t this interesting? What do you think would be the reason behind every individual following a routine in their life? Yes, its the samskaara which aids an individual in following a routine in his/her life. It tries complete the character of an individual by making them believe whatever is whole, complete, consistent, orderly, predictable, systematic, certain, uniform and perchance unchanging.

The samskaara actually tries to do everything that can make an individual closer to the idea of whole. It yearns to bring an order and consistency into an individual’s life. For example, some of us like following rules, rituals and tradition over an dubious and convoluted path to pursue the truth. So, these kind of people, generally believe in hell, heaven, good and bad, virtue and sin, etc.. They try to fit themselves into a framework, within which they would spend their lives in a comfortable manner. We have to understand one thing, nothing about us is constant. But, still we somehow manage to build a consistent image of our self and try to stick to that image. Every individual has two mirror images : 1. Rear view mirror image and 2. Front view mirror image.

  1. Rear view mirror is nothing but, a reflection of yourself, i.e, how you see yourself.

  2. Front view mirror is how you want others to see you.

When we try to project ourselves in front of others, we always try to preserve and project only our front view image. When we desire to introspect our-self, we end up seeing the rear view image.

We are aware that, not all the days of week passed with normalcy, every day has passed in a different way. Some days were hectic, a day or so was fun, etc., but, we still want to maintain that consistency, as we believe that only that consistency would make our character whole, complete or even say, perfect. This is because of the Samskaara.

Definitely, even this idea of Samskaara is not possible to make the concept of “whole”. Only Soul knows the concept of “whole”. But, before we understand what is soul, we have to understand the concept of Chitta and body.

Let’s see about Chitta in our next post.

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