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Ondrum maranthariyen* Odha neer Vannanai*

Naan indru marappano Ezhaikaal*

Andru karuvarangathul kidanthu*

kai thozhdhen kanden*

Thiruvarangame yaan thisai* - Poigai Aazhwaar

ஒன்றும் மறந்தறியேன்*  ஓதநீர் வண்ணனை நான்,* 

இன்று மறப்பனோ ஏழைகாள்* 

அன்று கருஅரங்கத்துள் கிடந்து*  

கைதொழுதேன் கண்டேன்*

திருவரங்கம் மேயான் திசை* - பொய்கையாழ்வார்

Join me on a walk as I explore Srirangam Temple

Let's understand more about the temple history

Let's see a list of all the 60 shrines in Srirangam

Let's learn more about Aazhwars & Aachaaryaas 

Temple Tour

Join me on a walk as I explore Srirangam Temple

Temple History


Aazhwaars & Aachaaryaas


Facts about Srirangam

It is the only temple to be built on the Saptha–Praakaaraa system, consisting of 7 praakaaraas, 21 gopurams (towers), out of which, only three gopurams

(North Gopuram, Vellai Gopuram, Sri Ranga Ranga Ranga Gopuram) form the main entrances for the temple.

This temple has Kalaapa Samrakshini Thaayaar (Goddess who protects the world from danger).

She can be seen on the way to Sri Ranga Naachiyaar Sanctum.


Srirangam is a place, where festivals are being celebrated throughout the year.

To know more about festivals @ Srirangam...

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