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Sri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu

In the famous medieval work 'Bhaktamaal' by Nabhadasa, he sings the glories of hundreds of saintsof various traditions. When it comes to Sri Hit Harivansh, he rightly says:

(srī harivansh gosāī bhajan kī rīti sukrit kou jānihai)srī rādhā charan pradhān hrdai ati sudridh upāsīkunjkeli dampati tahā kī karat khavāsīsarvasu mahāprasād prasidh tāke adhikārīvidhi nishedh nahī dās ananya utkat bratadhārīvyās suvan path anusarai soī bhalai pahachānihaisrī harivansh gosāī bhajan kī rīti sukrit kou jānihai

Meaning - “Few will understand the pious mode of worship of Sri Harivansh Goswami. The feet of Sri Radha are foremost in his heart and he is a most staunch worshipper [of them]. He performs attendance of the divine couple [Sri Shyama-Shyam] in their love sports in the kunjas [forest groves]. The Mahaprasad, of which he is a well-known claimant, is his entire property. Not [concerned with] orthodox precepts and prohibitions, he is a single-minded servant and dedicated devotee. He who follows the path of Vyasa's son [Sri Harivansh's father's name is Vyasa Mishra], he alone will comprehend it fully.

Few will understand the pious mode of worship of Sri Harivansh Goswami.”Sri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu [1502 – 1553 AD] is one of the famous rasika saints from the Vaisnava traditions of Sri Vrindavan. He is especially renowned for his fervent devotion to SriRadha along with her beloved Sri Krishna. Arriving in Vraja in 1533, he very quickly became an important player in the resurgence of Vraja-bhakti and rediscovery of the sites related to Radha andKrishna's eternal loving plays. He is responsible for the recovery and establishment of important places such as Seva-kunja, Vanshivat, Radhavallabh mandir, Madan Ter and so on.Sri Harivansh also composed many devotionally sweet Brajabhasa and Sanskrit works. Sri HitChaurasi, Sphut Vani, Sri Yamunastaka and Radha-sudha-nidhi are known to be written by him.

Sri Harivansh is considered as (1) Sri Hit Sajani, a most dear sakhi of Sri Radha. (2) Sri Krishna'sall-enchanting flute. (3) Prema-avatara, the incarnation of Prema [in accordance with Radhavallabhtheology] and (4) Nitya-vihara avatara – the descent of the entire lila, Hari, Radha, Vrindavan andSahacharis [Sakhis].

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