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Day 29 - Keezhapattabhiraman Sanctum

In Keelapattabhiramar Sanctum Lord Ram is found along with Goddess Sita, Lakshmana and hanuman in Pattabhishekam thirukolam . The unique features of this sanctum is that lord hanuman is present with his tail bell on his head which provides space for us to understand that all mental health issues and physical health issues will be cured on worshipping this hanuman.

Second unique feature is that generally in ramar sanctum will either have only lord ram, or lord ram along with lakshman, sita and hanuman either as Bala Ramar or Pattabhisheka thirukolam, but here, we can find lord krishna in baby form (santana gopalakrishna) which makes us understand that by worshipping santana gopalakrishna, those who are issueless will beget a child like lord krishna or their children will be hail and healthy along with all wealth required.

Next we will see bhojaramar sanctum tomorrow...

Jai Sri Ram

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