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The Chitta

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

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Chitta is one of the four mental bodies of Human Mind. The aspect of Chitta allows for subjectivity, one’s emotional reaction, affected by what it sees and its own nature. For instance: There a sweet and we taste it. After tasting the sweet, we wouldn’t say that the sweet was bitter, right? So, the feedback here would be positive and not negative. Similarly, depending on what activity we perform, our Chitta either reacts positive or negative.

So, what is Chitta? There are various translations for the yoga sutra, where chitta is sometimes defined as “mind-stuff” and at times defined as “the lower mind” . Patanjali Yoga sutra says that yoga “neutralizes” or say it calms the chitta. So, do we mean to say that, Chitta works only sometimes and it doesn’t exist? No. Chitta does exist, only thing is that it always tries to reacts opposite to Samskaara. Samskaara on the other hand, drives an individual to work in a routine pattern, whereas, Chitta works the opposite. It always gives rise to thoughts like break the rules, do risky and reckless things. Samskaara likes to work in an orderly fashioned,while Chitta wants to work unsystematic, irregular, etc.

The next thing, that we will discuss is about the body.

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