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The Mind

Mind, Body & Soul

Mind, body and soul are linked with each other. Mind and brain are different, they aren’t the same. Brain is just a communication bridge between your body and mind. Mind is invisible and intangible. Our senses cannot detect the existence of mind. That’s the major difference between mind and brain. Let me explain you further on this.

Human Mind is basically composed of four separate things made up of intangible matter. These are called as mental bodies and they are:

  1. Intelligence

  2. Intellect

  3. Samskaara

  4. Chitta

Let’s talk about the intelligence first. Intelligence basically works by remembering your past and imagines your

future. This is evident when we desire to do something out of guilt or when we want to redeem our mistakes which we did in our past. So, when we do things out of such desires, it is definitely because of our intelligence. Our intelligence has this idea of creating something “whole” and “complete” which is a present with a past and perfect future attached to it. But, the “complete” never happens with Intelligence.

Next, is the intellect. Intellect believes that it can never become complete and whole. It believes that if there is something that is complete, then that would be made of many characters, each of those are positioned at an ideal distance from the main character. In order to make an individual’s character a whole, the intellect attempts and builds new relationships with other characters. It also tries to perfect the existing relationship of an individual. Thereby, the intellect brings in new characters like friends, foe, etc.., and tries to push some characters from an individual’s life and other characters close to his/her life.

Suppose, the intellect is not able to alter the distance, its desires to change the individual’s behavior in all possible ways. It accomplishes its task by sharing thoughts, things and time with other characters. To sum up for intellect- Family circle, friend circle, community, tribe, village, town, class, race, kingdom, etc., are fixed boundary lines drawn by the intellect.

We shall see about the other two in our next post..

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