Sanctum 16 - Sri MelaPattabhi Ramar Sanctum

Senkamalavalli Naachiyaar Sanctum

After getting darshan from Senkamalavalli Naachiyaar Sanctum, come out via the main entrance (where there is a board bearing the sanctum's name) and take left.

Path to Sri MelaPattabhi

Ramar Sanctum

Proceed straight from Sri Kamalavalli Naachiyaar Sanctum, the path from Sri Kamalavalli Naachiyaar has been shown in the above picture.

While moving towards Sri MelaPattabhi Ramar Sanctum, you can see the huge granery stores on your left.

Graney Stores

These Granary stores were used to for storing Grains. Paddy and grains collected from temple lands stored here, its a testimony to food security planning of those days, not just to the temple but to the entire town. Built during Nayaka era.

Proceed beyond this and on your left side you can find Sri MelapattabhiRamar Sanctum.

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