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Day 8,Sanctum 6 - Sri Amruta Kalasa Garudar Sanctum

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

From Sri Venugopalan Sanctum, proceed straight and on your left you will find Vahana Mandapam, which is one of the entrance for Amruta Kalasa Garudan Sanctum. The other route is that, travel straight and get down from Sri Renga Vilas Mandapam. Take left and proceed straight. On your left side, you will find Amruta Kalasa Garudan Sanctum entrance.

Vahana Mandapam Entrance to Amruta Kalasa

Garudan Sanctum

You can find the other entrance to Amruta Kalasa Garudan Sanctum in the above picture,

( the sanctum behind the tree ).

Amruta Kalasa Garudan here has Amruta Kalasa (nectar filled pot) on his right hand, as found in below picture.

If you can see, garudan has a serpent on his left hand, which indicates all the sarpa doshas are healed by Garudan found in this sanctum, and in general, Garudaazhwaan cures Sarpa Dosha.

Since Garudaazhwaan is a vehicle for Lord Sriman Narayana, he is found with folded hands (Anjali Mudra), with all humility towards the lord.

There is also a board outside, opposite the main sanctum, which indicates the benefits of worshipping Lord Garuda on each day of the week.

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