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Day 12,Sanctum 10 - Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Sanctum

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

The above video consists of the anjaneyar sanctum, that we had discussed in the previous post, along with Karthigai Gopuram and the main entrance of Ramanujar Sanctum.

The above picture is the main entrance to both Parthasarathy Sanctum and Sri Ramanujar Sanctum.

From Anjaneyar Sanctum, travel straight. You will come across the Administration office.

Proceed straight and you will reach this main entrance of Sri Ramanujar Sanctum.

From the main entrance, proceed straight and you can see Sri Parthasarathy Sanctum.

Another landmark that we can remember is the Sesharaayar Mandapam and Pillailokachaaryar Sannidhi, which is opposite to Sri Ramanujar Sanctum, just have a look at the image below.

The above picture has the other side of Sri Ramanujar Sannidhi Main Entrance.

Here, in the Parthasarathy Sanctum, Lord Krishna is in the posture of giving Geeta Upadesam to Arjuna, standing in the chariot. You can also find the wheels of the chariot broken, here and there.

With the grace of Lord Parthasarathy Perumal, let's get the darshan of Sri Ramanujar.

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